2. Study Process

Study Process

Environmental Assessment Principles

  • This study will follow the study process for a Group ‘A’ project in accordance with the MTO Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities.

Consultation Principles

  • Carryout consultation to present the Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment to engage the public, regulatory agencies, and Indigenous communities and solicit feedback.
  • Receive and respond to questions and feedback received from stakeholders.
  • Hold meetings with Indigenous communities, municipalities, regulatory agencies, impacted property owners and community groups.
  • Hold future PIC (anticipated for Fall 2022).

Transportation Principles

  • Develop Preliminary Design Refinements and Alternatives.
  • Evaluate and Select Preferred Refinements/Alternatives.
  • Develop the Preliminary Design.

Documentation Principles

  • Document the Preliminary Design Study in a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR)
    Public and agency review of the TESR for a period of 30-days at the completion of the study.

Study Process Timeline

Route Planning Study 2002 Approved Environmental Assessment

Preliminary Design Notice of Study Commencement

Environmental Protection in Preliminary Design

  • Preliminary Design Refinements and Alternatives Generated and Identify Evaluation Criteria
    • PIC #1 (we are here)

Environmental Protection in Preliminary Design

  • Evaluate and Select the Preliminary Design Refinements/Alternatives

Environmental Protection in Preliminary Design

  • Develop the Preferred Refinements/Alternatives
    • PIC #2

Environmental Protection in Preliminary Design

  • Notice of Study Completion or Filing of the Transportation Environmental Study Report

Next Design Phase (To Be Determined)

Preliminary Design Study Timeline

  • September 2020: Notice of Study Commencement and Permission to Enter and Study Initiation.
  • September 2020 to End of 2022: Field Investigations and Data Collection.
  • September 2020 to April 2021: Generation of Refinements and Alternatives.
  • April 22, 2021 to May 6, 2021 (Webinar May 18, 2021): Public Information Centre #1 (we are here).
  • April 2021 to Fall 2022: Evaluation and Selection of Preferred Refinements/Alternatives.
  • Fall 2022: Public Information Centre #2.
  • End of 2022/Early 2023: Filing of the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR).
  • Early 2023: Preliminary Design Anticipated Completion.
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