3. Refinements and Alternatives Evaluation Process

Transportation Problems and Opportunities Identified in the 2002 Approved EA Study

The 2002 Approved EA Alignment planning study addressed several transportation problems which were identified in the northern section of York Region and southeastern Simcoe County. The identified problems were related to the Ministry’s mandate to provide for the safe, efficient movement of people and goods between regions and between urban areas.

A travel demand analysis carried out for the study indicated that demand would exceed available capacity, even after accounting for planned road improvements to other east-west highway corridors in the area.

Transportation Problems and Opportunities addressed by the proposed Bradford Bypass include:

  • Problems with Traffic Operations
  • Road Discontinuities
  • Future Demand Growth Implications
  • Lack of Long-Term Plan
  • Relieve Congestion
  • Protect Property

Refinements and Alternatives to the Undertaking: Evaluation Criteria & Approach


Do Nothing

Preliminary Assessment and Summary

  • No change to the 2002 Approved EA Approved mainline alignment, proposed road crossings, interchange configurations and freeway-to-freeway connections.
  • Does not meet all of the current highway design standards and objectives.
  • Does not consider new/revised environmental policies/legislation implemented since 2002 Approved EA; potential impacts and mitigation measures may not be accurately captured.


Mainline alignment adjustment

Grade separated crossings

Interchange configurations

Preliminary Assessment and Summary

  • Considers: current design standards, adjustments to highway and road profiles at road crossings, traffic volume, demand, accessibility and safety, constructability, utility conflicts & property impacts, natural environment, social, economic & cultural sensitivities.


Freeway-to-Freeway interchanges

Preliminary Assessment and Summary

  • Considers: current highway design standards to provide ramps which are more consistent with current freeway-to-freeway design practices. Traffic volume, demand, accessibility and safety, constructability, utility conflicts & property impacts environmental, social, economic & cultural sensitivities.

Evaluation Criteria and Process

Refinements and Alternatives have been developed and will be evaluated for:

  • Bradford Bypass Mainline
  • Freeway-to-Freeway Interchanges
  • Arterial / Crossing Road Interchanges
  • Design Refinements

A Reasoned Argument (trade-off) method of evaluation will be used to identify the advantages to select the preferred refinements and alternatives.

The criteria outlined below will be used to evaluate the refinements and alternatives.

Evaluation Factor:

Transportation & Engineering


  • Traffic Operations and Safety
  • Highway Geometrics and Design Standards
  • Structural Engineering
  • Foundation and Geotechnical Conditions
  • Active Transportation
  • Utilities and Stormwater Management
  • Constructability and Staging
  • Navigability
  • Cost

Evaluation Factor:

Natural Environment


  • Fish and Fish Habitat
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Wildlife Crossings
  • Species at Risk
  • Environmentally Significant Features
  • Groundwater
  • Surface Water (Drainage & Hydrology)
  • Drinking Water
  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Greenways and Open Space Linkages
  • Climate Change

Evaluation Factor:

Socio-Economic Environment


  • Aesthetics and Landscaping
  • Noise, Vibration and Air Quality
  • Contamination and Property Waste
  • Residential Property
  • Agricultural Lands
  • Land Use (Policy Areas, Designated Areas)
  • Approved Plans and Policies
  • Snowdrift
  • Human Health

Evaluation Factor:

Cultural Environment


  • Archaeological Resources
  • Built Heritage and Cultural Landscapes
  • Indigenous Communities and Treaty Rights

Generation of Design Refinements and Alternatives

The displays and material for the project have been divided into the following three sections for the purpose of evaluating the refinements and alternatives:

  • Preliminary Design Refinements of Bradford Bypass
    • Mainline Refinements
    • Holland River East Branch Crossing
    • Hydro Tower crossing
  • Freeway-to-Freeway Interchange Refinement Alternatives
    • Highway 400
    • Highway 404
  • Arterial/Crossing Road Interchange Refinement Alternatives
    • County Road 4
    • Bathurst Street
    • Leslie Street
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