Indigenous Consultation

MTO remains committed to fulfilling its duty to consult requirements and will engage with local Indigenous Communities and consider their interests in the project. Ontario Regulation 697/21 requires MTO to prepare Indigenous Consultations Plans and circulate to Indigenous communities and Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).

Assessment Process

MTO will follow the project-specific assessment of environmental impacts process outlined in Ontario Regulation 697/21 for the Bradford Bypass Project. This includes updating the project Study Area that was previously described as part of the 2002 Approved EA. A draft Environmental Conditions Report (ECR) was available for public review and comment from August 12, 2022 to September 16, 2022.  In addition, alternative designs for each component of the project will be generated and evaluated, within the updated Study Area, based on technical and environmental factors, and through engagement with Indigenous communities, public stakeholders, municipalities, and government agencies. A draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) will be prepared to document the design, environmental study and consultation.

Final Environmental Conditions Report
Appendix A: Fish and Fish Habitat Existing Conditions Table
Appendix B1: Notifications
Appendix B2: Meeting Materials
Appendix B3: Record of Consultation

For the Early Works completed at County Road 4 as defined in Ontario Regulation 697/21, a separate Early Works Report (EWR) was prepared and available here. The Notice of Final Early Works Report was issued on March 21, 2022 in accordance with Ontario Regulation 697/21: Section 13.

Notifications advising of the availability of the draft ECR and draft EIAR for review and comment will be published in local newspapers, distributed to the project contact list, and made available on the Project website.

Bradford Bypass Market Sounding

Infrastructure Ontario (IO), together with the Ministry of Transportation, conducted a market sounding with interested participants from the private sector to identify delivery options for construction of the Bradford Bypass expansion project. The process started in mid-January 2022 and market sounding meetings took place throughout February 2022.

A comprehensive and confidential market sounding has been used on a regular basis by IO across all sectors, including the transit and transportation portfolios, to support confirmation of contract packaging and a delivery model strategy prior to commencement of a procurement process. It also provides the private sector’s insight on potential innovations, challenges, risks and schedule.

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