1. Project Overview

The Project

The proposed Highway 400 – Highway 404 Link (Bradford Bypass) is a new 16.2 km rural controlled access freeway between Highway 400 and Highway 404.

The 2002 EA approved alignment will extend from Highway 400 between Lines 8 and 9 in Bradford West Gwillimbury, will cross a small portion of King Township and will connect to Highway 404 between Queensville Sideroad and Holborn Road in East Gwillimbury.

There are proposed full and partial interchanges, as well as grade separated crossings at intersecting municipal roads and watercourses, including the Holland River and Holland River East Branch.

Project Location

The Project is located within Simcoe County (Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury) and the Regional Municipality of York (Township of King and Town of East Gwillimbury).

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Bradford Bypass Roll Plan (1 of 2)

2002 Approved EA Alignment – Preliminary Design Base Case

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Bradford Bypass Roll Plan (2 of 2)

2002 Approved EA Alignment – Preliminary Design Base Case

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How Did We Get Here?

1992-1997 – Route Planning and Environmental Assessment Study

Between 1992 and 1997, the Ministry undertook a Route Planning and EA Study per the Environmental Assessment Act, RSO 1990. In December 1997, an EA Report was submitted documenting the EA process for the route selection, right-of-way (ROW) designation and future commitments for the Highway 400-Highway 404 Link. A Notice of Approval to proceed with the undertaking was issued by the Minister of Environment and Energy on August 28, 2002. Carried forward as the 2002 Approved EA Alignment and received legal designation as a Controlled Access Highway in May 2004.

Significant population growth is projected for both Simcoe County and the Regional Municipality of York. The Bradford Bypass has been proposed as a response to this dramatic growth in population and travel demand in the area, including the forecasted increase in congestion on key east-west roadways linking Highway 400 to Highway 404. The proposed location for the Bradford Bypass was also identified in Places to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2019).

2019-Present – Technical Updates and Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study

In August 2019, the MTO approved the re-initiation of design activities for the Bradford Bypass.

2019-2020 – Complete Engineering Design and Environmental technical updates (desktop secondary source review) to the project in recognition of the changes to design standards and environmental legislation relative to those applicable during the Route Planning and EA Study.

2020-present – Undertake the Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study following the approved planning process for a Group ‘A’ project under the MTO Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities.

Key Objectives of the Study

The main objectives of the preliminary design study are to review the recommended plans of the 2002 approved EA and undertake refinements and develop refinements and alternatives for the mainline alignment, interchanges and crossings, including:

  • Develop preliminary design refinements for Bradford Bypass mainline alignment, grade separated crossings and interchanges.
  • Develop refinements and alternatives for freeway-to-freeway interchanges that include design concepts to mitigate weaving distance concerns with adjacent interchanges.
  • Evaluate the refinements and alternatives to recommend preferred refinements/alternatives for the above elements.
  • Develop a preferred staging and construction sequencing strategy for the corridor
  • Develop preliminary level design for all highway engineering components.
  • Environmental Assessment Process and Consultation for the project.
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