Early Works

In accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Regulation 697/21, the MTO intends to move ahead with Early Works. Early Works, as set out in the regulation is focused on a grade separated bridge crossing for the future Bradford Bypass at County Road 4 (Yonge Street).

MTO will follow the Early Works Assessment Process outlined in Ontario Regulation 697/21 for the County Road 4 Early Works. The regulation provides for assessment of a bridge at County Road 4 and the potential to proceed in advance of the rest of the Bradford Bypass Project, provided that MTO completes an Early Works Assessment Process as set out in the regulation. MTO is required to complete all regulatory requirements set forth in the regulation, such as carrying out consultation, and obtaining permits and approvals for the project.

In accordance with the County of Simcoe’s 2012 approved EA, MTO will also be widening of this section of County Road 4 (Yonge Street), including a multi-use path to ensure design coordination and accommodation of the future Bradford Bypass Project without requiring any future reconstruction.

The Project Team is conducting site specific environmental studies in accordance with Ontario Regulation 697/21, as well as those listed on the Overview page, to supplement and update the project Study Area previously completed as part of the 2002 Approved EA. These investigations will document existing conditions and inform impact assessments based on the design and prescribe necessary mitigation measures and/or next steps.

Upon study completion of the County Road 4 works, a draft Early Works Report will be prepared to document the design and environmental study, which will be made available for public review and comment.

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