4. Overall Considerations for Bradford Bypass Project

Bradford Bypass History and Initial Design Updates

2002 Approved EA

  • Route Planning Study completed in 1997.
  • Environmental Assessment Approval in 2002.
  • Highway right-of-way designation for the Bradford Bypass between Highway 400 and Highway 404 received in May 2004.

Update in Advance of Preliminary Design Study

  • In advance of the Preliminary Design, the Ministry identified two modifications to the mainline alignment to reduce existing development impacts, and to update the alignment to meet designs standards as follows:
  • Alignment Adjustment: Between 10th Sideroad and Regional Road 4, the approved alignment was shifted towards the north by 10m to mitigate impacts to an existing development.
  • Alignment Refinement: To meet current standards in the vicinity of Artesian Industrial Parkway.

Engineering Considerations Bradford Bypass (Overall)



  • Interchange configurations and Highway Geometrics
  • Grading considerations
  • Traffic Volume (demand)
  • Traffic Operations (Level of Service)
  • Traffic Operating Speed (design speeds)
  • Safety
  • Traffic Staging
  • Constructability


  • Bridges, Culverts & Structural Design
  • Retaining Walls & Noise Barrier Walls
  • Foundations & Geotechnical
  • Navigability
  • Constructability
  • Traffic Staging


  • Utilities
  • Drainage and Stormwater Management
  • Financial (cost)
  • Property impacts
  • Active Transportation
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Illumination / Traffic signals
  • Pavement Engineering

Traffic – Needs and Justification 2002 Approved EA

Road Discontinuities

  • Inefficient travel as a result of the presence of physical and operational discontinuities.

Future Demand Growth Implications

  • Current road / rail network is inadequate in terms of capacity and location to accommodate future demand.

Lack of Long-Term Plan

  • Lack of a defined, approved long-term highway network plan in northern York Region and southern Simcoe County places constraints on provincial and municipal planning process.

Relieve Congestion

  • Capacity issues identified for east-west travel through northern York Region and southern Simcoe County.
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