5. Considerations for the Bradford Bypass Project



  • Considered 2020, 2041 No Bradford Bypass, and 2041 Bypass scenarios.
  • Compared demand versus capacity on road sections using the Bradford Bypass and no Bradford Bypass scenarios.


  • Bradford Bypass alleviates capacity issues on key roads.
  • Introduction of Bradford Bypass Corridor decreases capacity use to 76%.

Road Network without Bradford Bypass (2041)

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Road Network with Bradford Bypass (2041)

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Interchange Selection

  • Interchange locations and route previously identified in the 2002 Approved EA Study through weighting/scoring method.
  • Updated travel demand forecast uses new traffic data to confirm findings of the 2002 Approved EA.
  • Interchange alternatives being developed for each previously identified location.
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Adjacent Projects

Highway 400/ County Road 88

  • Detail Design for the replacement of the County Road 88 underpass and reconfiguration of the Highway 400/ County Road 88 Interchange.
  • Design considerations for ramp configurations and highway connections between the Highway 400 / Bradford Bypass Interchange and the Highway 400/ County Road interchange.

Highway 400/ 9th Line

  • Detail Design for the replacement of the Highway 400/9th Line overpass structure.
  • Design and Environmental Assessment considerations for the proposed replacement of the Highway 400 / 9th Line structure.

County 4 Widening

  • County of Simcoe completed a Municipal Class EA for the widening of County Road 4 from 8th Line to just north of the Intersection of County Road 89 (May 2012).
  • Design to account for the overlap between the proposed widening of County Road 4 and the proposed Bradford Bypass / County Road 4 interchange.

Applicable Environmental Legislations and Approvals to be Considered


  • Canadian Navigable Waters Act
  • Fisheries Act
  • Migratory Bird Convention Act
  • Species at Risk Act
  • Impact Assessment Act*

*At the time of this PIC, a decision is pending as to whether this study will be required to undergo an EA under the Federal Impact Assessment Act.


  • 2002 Approved EA and MECP Conditions of Approval
  • Clean Water Act
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (construction dewatering)
  • Environmental Assessment Act (Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities)
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Greenbelt Plan
  • Lake Simcoe Protection Act
  • Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act
  • Ontario Heritage Act
  • Permit to Take Water
  • Planning Act
  • Provincial Policy Statement
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Water Resources Act


  • Conservation Authority Regulations
  • Noise By-Laws
  • Official Plans
  • Road Occupancy Permit/Road Closure Permit
  • Site Plan Review

The Ministry will continue to review and consider applicability of federal, provincial and municipal legislation for the project.

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