13. 2002 Approved EA Highway 404 Interchange

Highway 404 Interchange Base Case from 2002 Approved Environmental Assessment
  • Base case scenario for Freeway-to-Freeway Interchange Design.
  • Designs do not meet current highway design standards.

2002 EA Approved Design Standard Update For Highway Interchanges

  • In advance of the Preliminary Design Study, the Ministry undertook advance works to identify areas where the 2002 Approved EA required updates to meet current design standards. One such location occurred at the proposed interchange with Highway 404.
  • Freeway-to-freeway interchange updates were identified to correct the proposed loop ramps and provide directional freeway-to-freeway ramps to meet current design standards.
  • Preliminary Design refinement alternatives for freeway-to-freeway interchange builds upon the directional freeway ramps only.

Design Considerations

  • General Design Considerations include:
    • Replacement of loop ramps with directional ramps to provide high speed moves for all ramps at Highway 404.
    • 3 level stacked freeway-to-freeway interchange to accommodate four directional ramps.
    • Traffic interactions at adjacent interchanges on Highway 404.
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