17. Leslie Street Interchange

Leslie Street Interchange Base Case from 2002 Approved Environmental Assessment

Base Case from 2002 Approved EA Alignment

Refinement Alternative 1 – Parclo A2

  • Consists of two on-ramps and one off-ramp to and from the west.
  • Traffic signals at the end of two off-ramps (if warranted).
  • Bradford Bypass over the Leslie Street bridge.
  • Property footprint is beyond the 2002 Approved EA Right-of-Way. Property impacts in the northeast quadrants. Footprint may be further impacted by the alignment refinement alternatives to avoid hydro towers west of Leslie Street.
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Key Considerations


  • Built Heritage (one listed Cultural Heritage Landscape).
  • Fish and Fish Habitat.
  • Groundwater (domestic water wells).
  • Land Use (Greenbelt, Whitebelt, Protected Countryside).
  • Surface Water (drainage, multiple warm water watercourse).
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems (Species at Risk, unevaluated wetlands).

Transportation & Engineering


  • Interchange configurations.
  • Traffic operations based on demand, weaving, and level of service.
  • Complexities in traffic staging, constructability and utility relocation.
  • Structural / grading considerations.

Property Impacts

  • Interchange footprint linked to mainline hydro utility refinement alternatives.
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