8. General Design Refinements

Crossing Structures

Preliminary Design Review of Road Crossing Structures as Overpass or Underpasses

Proposed Overpass*

Road Crossing Locations:

  • 9th Line at Highway 400
  • 10th Sideroad
  • Artesian Industrial Parkway
  • Metrolinx Rail Line
  • Holland River
  • Bathurst Street Interchange
  • Holland River East Branch
  • Yonge Street
  • 2nd Concession Road
  • Leslie Street Interchange

Proposed Underpass*

Road Crossing Locations:

  • Professor Day Drive
  • County Road 4 Interchange

*Note: Decisions at these locations are preliminary and subject to change as the design progresses 

Highway Alignment Refinement Alternative

Professor Day Drive Base Case from 2002 Approved EA

Base Case for Professor Day Drive

Refinement Alternative 1

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Highway Alignment Refinement Alternative

Artesian Industrial Parkway Base Case from 2002 Approved EA and Refinement

Corrects the radii for two horizontal curves in order to meet current Safety Requirements

Industrial Base Case
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